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Google searches show that some of you are curious about the Rudas baths as a gay place.

Rudas Bath Budapest

The Rudas baths is a very nice complex on the Buda side and has been getting a lot of investment over the last few years. But let’s talk about the baths per say and its gay quotient…

If you are looking for some potential cruising action, then pick one of the men’s day. Currently it’s Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

When you go, pick the gőzfürdő (steam baths) option. The swimming pool/wellness is a completely different area.

Once inside, you’ll get the little tarzan cloth. Wear it and nothing else: front most of the time, back when you are sitting somewhere such as in the steam room or sauna.

The rudas baths are made of one big pool and four smaller pools with different temperatures. You’ll also find a steam room and a sauna room. It’s a wonderful experience, and a very rare one: the baths were built during the turkish occupations by the turks.

Cruising is done the old fashioned way by looking and giving of subtle signs. There is a definite amount of gay men visiting, but it also has a large amount of straight men. So as they say, apply caution.

Once you’ve established some sort of contacts, you basically have three options: very discrete fun in the water, look for a cloesable space (easier said then done) or take your new partner to somewhere else.

So bottom line, yes, the Rudas baths are somewhat gay, but if your only reason to visit is to get your rocks off, you are better off visiting the Magnum sauna or another gay business where you won’t have to worry about misunderstandings or embarassing situations.

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