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Went to the Palatinus yesterday (Sunny Sunday) and notice a few changes you might want to know about.


First of all, the Palatinus men’s sunning terrace on top of the left dressing room building is quite gay. Problem is that being a big slab of concrete with little shade, it tends to become unbearbly hot. So you might want to visit late afternoon. There are some price reductions after 4 pm so you might get the best of both worlds.

An unfortunate change is that the men’s shower on the first floor has been turned co ed. So a great cruising space has been destroyed. I think that some action might still be possible as the shower area has been spliti n a woman’s and a man’s aisle. And now, some of the shower cubicles can be locked.

So who knows, this might make things cruisier.

Palatinus is a huge complex, buti f you are here on holiday, unless you like crowds, you might want to skip Sunday there and pick Saturday, or better, a weekday.

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