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The gay scene in Budapest did not always have a gay sauna. Until 2001, many of the baths in Budapest were quite gay. In fact, traveling gay men to Budapest knew that the baths here offered a lot of fun for little money. The Budapest bath authorities were happy to look the other way as they accepted the gay dollar or pound.
In 2001, the first gay sauna of Budapest oppened. It was the Magnum sauna. At the beginning, it was a very basic affair, but it offered to Budapest gay men a sauna experience like any other in the western world: privacy, cleanliness and an open environment. No longer had the gay and bisexual men in Hungary have to have sex in front of others, or in the less then enticing (for most) spaces of toilet or change cublcles.
Over the years, a few other businessmen tried to open gay saunas in Budapest, but due to their small size, they sooner or later closed.
Magnum sauna continued its expansion and doubled the size of its area, to make it a 700 sqm on two floors well apointed gay sauna in Budapest.

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Magnum Sauna
Budapest, 8th district, Csepreghy utca 2
06-1-267 2532
Gay, mixed crowd

The gay sauna Magnum oppened in Budapest in 2001. Since then, it has expended to an area of 700 sqm on two floors. It offers the following ammenities to hungarian gay men and gay tourists visiting Budapest: sauna, 12 men jakuzzi, steam room with a light and dark area, regular cabins, extra large cabins, glory hole cabins, two darkrooms, massage services, a bar with alcoholic beverages, a sling and a gyno stool, a sauna floor with an infra sauna, salt cabin, bio sauna, finn sauna, outdoor plunge pool and rain shower. Magnum sauna is divided in six different areas, so that guests can live out their fantasies according to their moods.
Magnum sauna is one of the most visited gay business in Budapest, and your chances are always quite good to find some pleasant company. Especially popular are their dark and naked parties on Friday night at 10 pm. Make sure to arrive between 9 and 11 pm as the event starts off very quickly and intensly.
Saturday evenings are also popular. But as mentioned, you're always bound to find someone to have fun with.
The crowd is fairly mixed. Afternoons see a somewhat older crowd. After word and weekends a younger one.
A great thing about Magnum is that it is oppened from Saturday to Sunday non stop. So, if you are still up for it Sunday morning, or wanting to have a last look around, Magnum on Sunday morning is a fun place in gay Budapest.
The bar and lounge area offers free wifi and an internet station is also available.
Bar and massage prices are very affordable. So it is well worth to spend some time under the capapble hands of their masseurs.
Magnum sauna oppens at 1 pm everyday (except Sunday when it is oppened all day). Closes between 11 pm and midnight except Friday at 4 am and Saturday (non stop).
This gay sauna is centrally located in Budapest, ont he blue metro line or on the tram 4 – 6 line.

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