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Since about 2005, Budapest has always had a smaller or greater number of monthly gay parties. Their life span depends on their ability to find gay friendly locales not too far from downtown, and of course, provide quality at a reasonable price.
Besides bigger dance parties advertised in Budapest gay magazines, the last few years has seen some events only being promoted on Facebook and through word of mouth.
All parties allow girls to attend so be prepared to mingle with the gentler sex.


We know of the following gay parties in Budapest. Check their websites or Facebook page for dates and location.

!Szkafander: Billed as straight friendly gay parties, currently hosting a Friday night events.

Garcons: Has grown pretty popular over the last few months.

Hello: Thursday nights at Tütü.

Ösztrosokk: Longest running lesbian dance party in Budapest. Sometimes has parties oppened to guys as well.

WOW! – Women on women: Lesbian, men friendly party.

Omoh: new edgy party

Vibe: new monthly gay party with a mixed relax crowd. Less attitude then Garcons.

After hours Clubbing
• Just ask around.
• Magnum Sauna is opened non stop from Saturday to Sunday.