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There is, so to speak, only one official gay club in Budapest - Alterego.

All dance clubs are weekend affairs and have one or two drag shows after midnight. Try to arrive before midnight to get a good spot for the show or not to stand in line. But don't worry, lines are never very big and move fairly quickly.

Check out their facebook page for up to date information.


Budapest, 6th district, Dessewffy u. 33.
06 - 70 - 345 4302
Gay, some straights, young crowd

Alterego is a plushly decorated gay dance club with several bars and spaces. Not overly big, the layout still allows for pleasant cruising, mingling. The stage viewing area is not overly big, so get in early if you are a Drag Show afficionado.

Don't expect cutting edge music, rather solid gay and top 40 hits remixed.

As mentioned, this dance club is mainly young guys territory, sprinkeld with some older (meaning 25 to 35) guys. Non the less, if it's a budapest gay club you want, and there are no special dance parties, then this is your best choice.

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