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The selection of gay cruising areas has declined over the years with new businesses opening and the advent of the internet.

If you are keen on outdoor / cottage cruising, these are some of the places we have heard are still active.


A. Népliget park

As far as we know, the Népliget park is still the most active gay cruising park in Budapest. During daytime, look for action at the back of the park near the dog school and also in the abandoned building next to the planetarium.

During nighttime, cruising concentrates in the area surrounding the Planeterium. Car cruising also goes on at the back of the park.

Some police checks and possible agressions. AYOR.

B. Margit híd/ Budai híd fő

This used to be another popular cruising ground. As you get to the Buda side from the Margaret bridge, turn right and cruise the park. Evening only. According to some sources, action has moved to the park found beyond Frankel Leo út.

C. Public toilet Nyugati underpass

There is a fairly cruisy toilet at the nyugati underpass with a mix or regulars and rent boys. Be on your guard as the employees are not always pleasant.

D. Public toilet Westend shopping center

The public toilet in the Westend shopping center on the lower level between Deichmann and Kreativ Hobbi is quite busy. Again, it gets regularly checked out by the local security staff.

Public toilets - shopping centres in general

Most shopping centers have a toilet that is cruisy.

Gay Cruising area in Budapest