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Budapest has a fair number of sex shops, although they don't match te size or number that one can find in Vienna or german cities.

Most sex shops in Budapest will carry some gay dvd section, but given the low buying power of hungarians, don't expect the latest releases or a wide selection.

As for sex shops with cinema and/or cabins and some gay cruising going on, we recomend the following. Non the less, do not expect huge premises.


Intim center
Budapest, 5th district, Károly körút 14
06-1- 317 0918

One of the oldest cruisy in Budapest, gay friendly sex shops with cabins. Located on the first floor of a residential building, close to the Astoria metro stop. Has two rows of cabins, some with glory holes. As you have to rent a movie to use a cabin, you will have to arm yourself with patience.

Erotik Mozi Center
Budapest, 13th district, Hegedüs gyula utca 1
06-1-320 4005

One of the busier gay cruisy sex cinema in Budapest. Has a larger straight cinema, and smaller gay cinema with some dark recesses at the back. One entrance allows you to go freely between the two places and action happens in both. If you meet someone and want to be alone, you can rent out a video booth. Close to nyugati metro station.

Király Szexshop
Budapest, 6th district, Király utca 72
06 - 1 - 342 1559

This sex shop complex is quite large and probably has the largest sex movie theatre in all of Budapest. Gay movies after 4 pm, straight movies before. Walking distance from the Király street tram stop.

Erotika Centrum
Budapest, 7th district, Dob utca 11
06 - 1 - 351 1000

Another oldie, recently oppened a theatre/cabin area in their basement which has the advantage of being one entrance fee and you can walk around. Not very large. Also has cabins to watch rented movies upstairs.